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Re: [fluid-dev] MIDI mode

From: S. Christian Collins
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] MIDI mode
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2009 08:55:40 -0500
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How does this affect the GS sound effects bank?


address@hidden wrote:
So I went ahead and added GM On/Off and GS Reset SYSEX handling.  There are now 2 parameters synth.midi-mode=normal/gm/gs and synth.midi-mode-lock=no/yes.  If midi-mode-lock is set to yes then SYSEX MIDI mode messages have no effect (useful for forcing FluidSynth to a particular mode).  If the current MIDI mode is GM or GS, then percussion note-offs are ignored for all except Long Guiro and Long Whistle, as per the GM spec.  I tested this with a GS file and it seems to work as expected (no more missing drums).

1 Reset MIDI mode as part of fluid_synth_system_reset()
2 Reset controllers when GM is turned on (and other values mentioned in gmguide2.pdf)
3 Figure out how to synchronize the midi-mode setting with the midi_mode variable, when it is being assigned from the synthesis context.

For item 3.  I'm thinking of adding value get callback functionality to settings, so that a callback can be registered for obtaining the current value (so for example the midi-mode string setting could be generated from the current value of the enum synth->midi_mode).  Perhaps some hack can just be implemented for now though, but calling settings functions from within synthesis context isn't really a good idea (mutex locks, mallocs, etc).

Feedback and testing would be appreciated :)  The "normal" value for midi-mode doesn't sound great, but I couldn't think of a better word.

I'm going to do my best to get FluidSynth 1.1.0 released by the end of this month (in a nice working/stable state with good API documentation).  Testing FluidSynth in various environments and reporting success/problems would be really helpful.  There are some fairly significant changes with the whole synthesis path and the more testing FluidSynth in real word scenarios the better.


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