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[fluid-dev] Re: Fast file renderer

From: josh
Subject: [fluid-dev] Re: Fast file renderer
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2009 17:21:39 -0700
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Quoting David Henningsson <address@hidden>:
address@hidden wrote:
Hello David,

I was looking at that bug that I mentioned before, where FluidSynth gets stuck in fluid_player_join() when doing fast file render and the renderer fails to be created (because of invalid format settings for example). I notice that in fluid_player_join() it waits for player->status to not be FLUID_PLAYER_PLAYING, in the case of using the sample timer. This will never happen though, since the player is not in a separate thread and therefore is not advancing. Shouldn't fluid_player_join just do nothing in the case of using the sample_timer?



I also wanted to mention some of my recent commits:
- new_fluid_file_renderer() now just takes a synth instance and gets all other parameters from the synth->settings object.

A little quick, perhaps? I had to fix some issues with the filename
parameter to even make it work.

Really? Hmm. I thought I tested things, thanks for catching that! Does the use of settings for all the parameters seem OK to you?

I have upgraded to Karmic now, and now libsndfile has support for .ogg
rendering, which is nice. I'm unsure if Jaunty had that. However, it
doesn't work in fluidsynth since there is no way to specify
SF_FORMAT_VORBIS. But if we add it, I think we break compilation on
every distro older than a few months? An additional trouble is that
sndfile.h does not have a version define, so the obvious way of doing
it does not work. Any ideas?

I was wondering about that too, since I also saw that Vorbis was recently added. We could either explicitly add a "vorbis" type, which could perhaps use an #ifdef SF_FORMAT_VORBIS statement or we could iterate over the available audio formats for the selected file type, if no audio format is specified and the default of 16 bit PCM isn't valid. "vorbis" doesn't seem very useful for any other format, so I kind of like the latter option the most. But we could also implement both.

By the way, what IDE do you use/recommend for FluidSynth programming?

I use Anjuta. There is a project file checked in with FluidSynth. It will open/scroll to compiler errors in files (has a hot key combo CTRL-ALT-N for going to the next warning/error) and also has pretty good GDB debug support, though I have found that lately I've just been using plain gdb.

// David


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