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Re: [fluid-dev] MIDI mode

From: josh
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] MIDI mode
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 19:19:43 -0700
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Quoting David Henningsson <address@hidden>:

S. Christian Collins wrote:
Nobody has said anything about my proposed solution to this problem. I
hate to be a pain, but it really is an ideal solution that eliminates
the need for all of this discussion about when to note-off or not.

To reiterate my idea:
In my plan, note-off events wouldn't be eliminated, but instead required to be at least 8 ms after the note-on event.

Oh yes, we have talked about it. AFAIK it began when I proposed the
same solution a month ago, when the idea was still mine! ;-)

See http://fluidsynth.resonance.org/trac/ticket/1

And to sum it up; I like it mainly for the reasons you like it, Josh
doesn't like it "since it isn't really the defined behavior for GM/GS
and the delay would be awkward to get right with different SoundFont

See http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/fluid-dev/2009-10/msg00013.html and
for example.

// David

Alright alright..  I guess its 2 against 1.  What a pain!  ;)

We could implement both, via the percuss-note-off setting: "auto", "ignore", "min-duration". Then we could add a percuss-min-duration parameter to specify the minimum duration in msecs or something.

Any ideas how we can implement this minimum note duration? I think part of the reason I was avoiding it, is because its not as easy to implement as the ignore setting, which is already implemented.

Just kicking around some thoughts:
If a note-off occurs we can check the voice ticks and if its been playing for less than the percuss-min-duration, then we have to go for the remaining ticks before actually responding to the note off. So I guess some extra min_duration_ticks value which counts down would work.


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