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Re: [fluid-dev] Delphi wrapper to FluidSynth

From: josh
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Delphi wrapper to FluidSynth
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 16:01:12 -0700
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Sounds interesting. I'm not very familiar with Delphi myself, but it would be nice to package bindings with FluidSynth at some point, provided they are easy to build and maintain and what not. Thanks for the heads up :)

The next release will have improved API documentation, so that might help you in regards to the sequencer. If you have any suggestions for improving the sequencer system, do let us know. I've just been becoming more familiar with it myself.


Quoting Pete Goodwin <address@hidden>:
I've created an incomplete Delphi wrapper to FluidSynth that I'm
trying to use in creating an application to generate music - I'm
guessing there aren't many Delphi developers out there using
FluidSynth. I'd be happy to donate it to FluidSynth if there's any

So far, apart from manipulating the audio output buffer everything has
worked quite well - though the sequencer is baffling me a bit! After
working with the Windows API that works with PPQN, switching to
absolute time in ms is interesting...

I don't have anything I can show as yet, but once I sort out the
sequencing issues, I may post a URL.

Pete Goodwin

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