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[fluid-dev] Same client for Jack audio and MIDI

From: josh
Subject: [fluid-dev] Same client for Jack audio and MIDI
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 22:54:27 -0700
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I'm currently working on adding support for the Jack audio and MIDI drivers to use the same Jack client. FluidSynth is rather general in regards to audio and MIDI drivers though, so its turning out to be somewhat of a hack. Theoretically any number of Jack audio and MIDI drivers could be created and used with different synth instances. The Jack servers may even be different.

I'm considering adding another setting, something like "midi.jack.audio-sync" or something, which when enabled (perhaps the default) means there can only be at most 1 Jack audio and 1 Jack MIDI driver, which will both use the same client (ID and server values will be taken from the audio settings).

I suppose we could just make the assumption that there wont be multiple Jack audio or Jack MIDI clients and call it good. I could see a user perhaps wanting to use separate Jack servers for audio and MIDI though.

Any opinions or ideas on this?

Its the last item on my list before 1.1.0 release, except for checking if it builds on Visual C in Windows and testing of course.


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