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Re: Re: [fluid-dev] Windows Sound Output - directsound (dsound.h)

From: josh
Subject: Re: Re: [fluid-dev] Windows Sound Output - directsound (dsound.h)
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 20:38:10 -0800
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Hello Nils,

Quoting address@hidden:

Thanks for your interest.

Please take care with the license when handling microsoft code and wine
or other software. By downloading the SDK you already agreed to their
license. I am not exactly sure what is allowed and what not, but if
there is improvement for wines dsound.h in the end please respect the
rules of clean room reverse engineering.

I wasn't planning on contributing anything to the Wine dsound.h, but thanks for mentioning that. Its sometimes easy to overlook what one agrees to with a simple click of a button!

I think you  can submit dsound.h fixes and you can look at the ms
dsound.h but shouldn't directly copy functions and data structures "but
in wine they need to  be similar; the spacing and indentation can
differ." (Last is a quote from the wine irc channel)

This is a quote from the Winedevs, too:
"The stuff in headers is not really protected and we can add similar
stuff to our headers nothing really disallows you from copying data
structures or functions but don't copy comments and try to keep the
coding style different (in general ms headers are ugly)"

about the problem:

We build with GUB, and this is how we do it:

Attached is the dsound.h we use.


Ok, I'll give the build a try with that file. Are there any other dependencies that you have installed or are you just using the dsound.h?


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