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[fluid-dev] Chorus effect

From: josh
Subject: [fluid-dev] Chorus effect
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 2009 22:00:26 -0800
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I was just messing with the chorus effect parameters in FluidSynth and realized its worse now than versions prior to 1.1.0. FluidSynth has always had issues with the chorus effect as far as audio glitches when adjusting its parameters, but the CPU consumption was less of an issue before. Now the re-calculation is occurring in the synthesis process, which can cause Jack to disconnect and the system to halt momentarily if running high priority. Rather unacceptable.

I'm thinking of replacing the chorus effect entirely, since I don't think it sounds very good either. Anyone got a favorite LADSPA chorus effect plugin that is LGPL? :)

The reverb effect is based on Freeverb, but could probably use an update as well.

Any thoughts or comments?

Doing the minimal amount of required changes would mean reverting the chorus effect queuing and going back to just processing the effect changes in the calling thread, but I'm not sure what multi-thread consequences this could have, but it would probably just be as it was before.


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