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[fluid-dev] State of things

From: josh
Subject: [fluid-dev] State of things
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 18:08:03 -0800
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Hello FluidSynth list,

It seems my break from using the computer went a bit longer than I had initially anticipated. It became apparent to me during this time that my habits around computer use have been rather detrimental to my health. Being away from the computer for a while was rather refreshing and I'm working on obtaining a balance as I get back into it.

I've also been a bit disappointed in the results of the multi-thread work that I did on FluidSynth. I believe it was a step in the right direction, but its not totally straightforward to fix the event ordering issues that are plaguing the new versions. Its likely that another redesign of the architecture is required. Something along the lines of what David mentioned before (separating more of the state machine from the voice synthesis engine), though I foresee many issues that need to be resolved with that as well. I don't expect this to require as much effort as this past phase, since a lot of that was code cleanup, re-organization and getting familiar with the code base. Much of that work will likely contribute to new design.

I would like to get back on the right foot with FluidSynth. I find I often feel like I'm neglecting the project and then try to avoid thinking about it at all, to try and side step the unpleasant feeling there. My intent is to change this. After all its a volunteer effort and should be fun to work on! :)

I'll be answering some of the past fluid-dev emails in my queue and then I think the next step would be to start discussing how to fix the event re-ordering issues. I welcome any thoughts on this.



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