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[fluid-dev] Son of ticket #65

From: Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas
Subject: [fluid-dev] Son of ticket #65
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 18:34:37 +0200
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Something similar but not exactly the same to ticket #65.

Sending a bank/program change CC MSB=1, PC=48 corresponding to a GM2/GS 
Strings instrument, FluidSynth changes to percussion bank 128, Orchestral 

Test case: load the GeneralUser GS soundfont [1] and play the demo song "March 
#1 in D major".

$ fluidsynth -a alsa GeneralUser_GS_FluidSynth.sf2 March_#1_in_D_major.mid
> channels
chan 0, Piccolo
chan 1, Flute
chan 2, Oboe
chan 3, Clarinet
chan 4, Bassoon
chan 5, French Horns
chan 6, Brass Section
chan 7, Trombone
chan 8, Tuba
chan 9, Orchestral
chan 10, Timpani
chan 11, Orchestral
chan 12, Orchestral
chan 13, Orchestral
chan 14, Orchestral
chan 15, Orchestral

Patches for channels #11 to #15 are all wrong.


[1] http://www.schristiancollins.com/generaluser.php

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