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[fluid-dev] MIDI Bank Select Test result

From: Bernd Casper
Subject: [fluid-dev] MIDI Bank Select Test result
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 13:06:04 +0200

Hello Pedro,
many thanks for your essential efforts into bank select mechanisms.
I've tested the bank select mechanism in a jOrgan real-time scenario.
I understood GS mode supports 128 banks numbered 0-127, each with 128 patches numbered 0-127.
I understood I've nothing to do with the "midi.bank-select" switch, when I want to use GS mode for default.
The est soundfonts contained bank 0 patch 0 and 1, and bank 7 patch 6 and 7.
According to your proposal I used the following message matrix for the default (GS) bank select ("CC32 is ignored"):
CC00 = bank number (decimal, like numbering in the soundfonts)
CC192 = patch number (decimal, like numbering in the soundfonts)
Thus, my message sequences were:
For bank 0 patches 0 and 1 select:
CC00=0 | CC192=0
CC00=0 | CC192=1
For bank 7 patches 6 and 7 select:
CC00=7 | CC192=6
CC00=7 | CC192=7
Selecting bank 0 patches worked correctly, selecting bank 7 patches gave the following error messages:
fluidsynth: warning: Instrument not found on channel 0 [bank=896 prog=6], substituted [bank=0 prog=0]
fluidsynth: warning: Instrument not found on channel 0 [bank=896 prog=7], substituted [bank=0 prog=0]
What I'm doing wrong?

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Empfänger: fluid-dev
Zeit: 2010-08-09, 00:21:43
Betreff: Re: MIDI Bank Select proposal (was Re: [fluid-dev] Re: Son of ticket#65)

* New setting:
name = "midi.bank-select"
type = string
values = gs, gm, xg, mma, awe32 (Note: bank number for melodic channels only)
  gs: ignore LSB (CC#32) messages; bank=MSB
  gm: ignore LSB and MSB messages; bank=0 always
  xg: ignore MSB (CC#0) messages; bank=LSB
  mma: bank=128*MSB+LSB
  awe32: synonym of gs
default = gs

* SYSEX MIDI mode change messages.
Upon reception/playback from SMF of some SYX messages, the "midi.bank-select"
current value can be changed to gm, gs or xg.


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