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Re: Re: [fluid-dev] FS 1.1.2 alpha sound rendering issue

From: Bernd Casper
Subject: Re: Re: [fluid-dev] FS 1.1.2 alpha sound rendering issue
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2010 08:52:27 +0200

Hello David, Chris,
many thanks for your notices.
I'm not at the organ construction console currently - I'll prepare this soundfonts for reference, on Sunday. It's not downloadable, yet.
I always work in a real-time scenario, and my observations base on the relation of FS-1.1.2 alpha to F-1.1.1. release (what means, that I only place a thread about things which were functioning formerly, in FS-1.1.1 release). I've no experience with rendering files in a non-real-time scenario, perhaps this should be tried by somebody who specializes in this. Therefore, I'll provide the test soundfonts, additionally.
This example is run with 7x384 buffering, at 4TH interpolation (default). I already experimented those, (8x512, 10x256) (7TH, LINEAR), but the crackling remains.
Yes, I think the loop is very small, indeed, in this sample (one to two circles, I think) - so the assumption of really small loops is right, indeed. I already stepped into that, by trying to construct the looping by lengthening it with repeated circles, to have a longer looped area. What I already can say, that I never use chorus in Soundfonts (as is in the example), and the environment setting in my reference test recording are the same for both synths.
In my intial post forgot to mention, that there are no problems with that program in FS-1.1.1 release.
I'll report on Sunday.

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Empfänger: David Henningsson
Zeit: 2010-08-20, 01:13:51
Betreff: Re: [fluid-dev] FS 1.1.2 alpha sound rendering issue
On 08/19/2010 02:47 PM, David Henningsson wrote:
> * The difference in what you call "richness" between the two examples,
> sounds like either difference in handling cutoff, or chorus, or a
> combination. I'm not sure though, and I believe S Christian Collins is
> our expert on this matter. Christian, perhaps you have some thoughts
> about this issue?
I would have to see the SoundFont to know for sure, but it may have
something to do with really small loops. Does anyone have a link to the
SoundFont so I can look at it?


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