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Re: Re: [fluid-dev] FS 1.1.2 alpha sound rendering issue

From: Bernd Casper
Subject: Re: Re: [fluid-dev] FS 1.1.2 alpha sound rendering issue
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2010 11:43:26 +0200

Gents, Jim,
yes, the Cinema Organ soundfonts of Bruce Miles contains samples with longer, partially much longer loops. The main soundfonts for the french symphonic organ I'm using as reference, also contains samples with loops of the length up to three seconds.
It is most likely the crackling has something to do with that, I certainly can confirm that those programs which are not affected by the crackling, have much longer loops. In my organ soundfonts construction (which is necessarily done using Creative software products, Vienna 2.3 and 2.4, and Creative soundcards), ranks of higher pitches often are constructed using such tiny loops. I know this is usually disclaimed, by common soundfonts creators.
So let me focus the issue research on the fact that those rendering issue does *not appear* in FS-1.1.1 release, and that Creative SoundBlaster Platinum Synth delivers a richer sound quality even with that short loop.
I'll examine this at Sunday, and beg for patience until then.

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Absender: Jim Henry
Empfänger: fluid-dev
Zeit: 2010-08-20, 10:14:47
Betreff: Re: [fluid-dev] FS 1.1.2 alpha sound rendering issue
  FWIW, there are at least 9 people testing FS 1.1.2 rev 349 and there
are no reports of sound font problems. These are all real-time users and
they are most likely using a sound font derived from the Bruce Miles
Cinema Organ sound font. I don't think there are any loops in there that
are as short as those that Bernd suspect are causing the crackle he

Jim Henry

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