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[fluid-dev] Overflow and tiny tickles

From: Bernd Casper
Subject: [fluid-dev] Overflow and tiny tickles
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 09:04:31 +0200

Hi David, Gents,
many thanks for the latest changes. It seems to be a great improvement in sound quality, whatever the reason may be. Much more details, amazing transparency, less gain level distortion.
Overflow settings.
On my (relatively powerful) system I cannot realize big overall changes, if I do alter the weighting. Though, one detail seems very important to me:
To me it seems, under certain circumstances, FS overflow handling is allowed to cut off voices inside a single multi-sample soundfont instrument ("Instrument" level). To me it was always one of the biggest advantages of FS, to allow as many samples in an instrument I wish, without any clipping. All my soundfonts building bases on that fact. So from my point of view, it should be absolutely avoided, to cut off samples inside of an instrument which is already sounding. I tried to ensure this by setting age to 9999 and volume to -9999, but I noticed no change in handling.
Release tickles.
Please listen to my sound example. You'll realize some notes having a little tickle in the release (1st & 5th note in the 1st group, none in the second group, 3rd & 5th note in the third group, and the very final note). This effect is always present currently, while playing - by chance, it seems. It's always a little delayed, about 0.25 seconds - like releases cutted off.
On my side, the following I excluded to be the reason, by testing:
- FS buffer settings
- FS gain
- system audio main level
- system audio Wave level
- mechanical ciphering, as known from organ MIDI pedals (this is reproduced by FS authentically ;-) )
Any idea what this could be?
Many thanks again, for the great work.

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