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[fluid-dev] "fluid_ostream_printf: buffer overflow" messages when using

From: John O'Hagan
Subject: [fluid-dev] "fluid_ostream_printf: buffer overflow" messages when using FS in server mode
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 10:10:23 +0000


I'm using fluidsynth in server mode on a Debian system to play numerical data 
produced by a Python program. I'm starting it like this:

fluidsynth -sli -a alsa -j "path/to/my/soundfont"

and sending the midi noteon strings and so on via a socket. This works nicely 
but I'm getting a lot of identical messages like this:

"fluid_ostream_printf: buffer overflow"

The messages come in concatenated groups of 50 or so, one group for every 5-10 
messages I send in. This happen regardless of what I send, even only a 

In the fluidsynth code I found:

 * Send a printf style string with arguments to an output stream (socket).
 * @param out Output stream
 * @param format printf style format string
 * @param ... Arguments for the printf format string
 * @return Number of bytes written or -1 on error
fluid_ostream_printf (fluid_ostream_t out, char* format, ...)
  char buf[4096];
  va_list args;
  int len;

  va_start (args, format);
  len = vsnprintf (buf, 4095, format, args);
  va_end (args);

  if (len <= 0)
    printf("fluid_ostream_printf: buffer overflow");
    return -1;
And so on, but it doesn't help me.

What do the messages mean? Do they matter? 



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