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Re: [fluid-dev] fluidsynth bugs

From: Victor . Lazzarini
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] fluidsynth bugs
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2010 20:26:33 +0100

Regarding the first problem, I have identified in my first e-mail the API function that uses the
reset-presets parameter. All you need to do is implement an option for the command-line to
set that parameter. I can suggest the code if you need it.

In relation to the second problem, it's independent of midifiles, it can happen with any
sort of midi input to fluidsynth, but only using the coreaudio driver, so what else can I say?
It appears to be a problem in fluyidsynth's coreaudio driver, which does not happen in portaudio or
jack. It does not sound like a drop-out issue, but I tested with various period sizes and period numbers,
also tried the two options for sample formats and setting the SR. Maybe if the coreaudio driver is not actively maintained, bugs can creep in from Apple constantly changing their implementation.

It does not really affect me, because I use fluidsynth as a library, but I had people asking me why the fluidsynth command wasn't working and I am reporting here what the problems are. It would definitely help any new user to have a command that works out of the box, without much hassle or fuss, and played their midifiles. I know from experience in working on other FOSS projects (I am a Csound developer) that people get put off by these kinds of things, and it is a shame if they do, because in other aspects fluidsynth is a very useful piece of software that beats much of the competition.



----- Original Message -----
From: Ebrahim Mayat <address@hidden>
Date: Thursday, September 23, 2010 7:50 pm
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] fluidsynth bugs
To: address@hidden
Cc: FluidSynth Devel <address@hidden>

> On Sep 23, 2010, at 2:16 PM, address@hidden wrote:
> > Sorry, but my midi file has plenty of PCs in it. With my
> own 
> > fluidsynth client (and other
> > software) it plays as expected. The problem is the reset-
> presets 
> > parameter in the sfont loading function.
> For starters, you could send your MIDI file for testing.
> > And regarding the second problem, it's not a RAM or system
> problem. 
> > My computer is much more powerful than what the fluid
> engine 
> > requires. Besides, as I said before, portaudio and jack
> play 
> > perfectly.
> > No, both of these feel like bona fide bugs to me.
> You are not giving us much to go on here. Be more detailed in
> your 
> problem descriptions.
> > Also, I would not have come to the list before trying
> various 
> > combinations of parameters, midifiles and soundfonts, if you
> excuse 
> > me.
> See above.
> E

Dr Victor Lazzarini, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Music,
National University of Ireland, Maynooth

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