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[fluid-dev] Swami 2.0 pre testing

From: Element Green
Subject: [fluid-dev] Swami 2.0 pre testing
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2010 13:57:05 -0700

Hello swami-devel and fluid-dev lists.

I'm including the fluid-dev list because Swami uses FluidSynth and
this announcement is of particular significance.  It probably makes
sense to limit responses to the swami-devel list though.

I'm happy to announce that Swami 2.0 is very close to release.
Development has been stagnant for some time and its been a very long
development cycle since the older swami 0.9.x was forked (maybe 8
years!?!)  So this is seriously epic! ;-)

The focus on this release is complete editing of SoundFont files.
While there are many other features that are in progress (other sample
format support, CRAM instrument compression, virtual banks, instrument
library functionality, instrument manager, etc), many of these
features were left out or removed because of being incomplete.  Some
remnants of DLS/Gigasampler support has been left in, but it is quite
experimental at this stage.

The plan is to release within the coming week.  What it really needs
is testing.  And lots of it.

So I welcome all those who are interested to come on over to
http://swami.sourceforge.net, join the swami-devel list (if you
haven't already) and get things checked out and start testing!  Bug
reports and 2.0 feature proposals welcome.  At the moment I'm
employing the SourceForge tracker for this, but may switch to Trac if
they turn out to be lame.


Element Green (AKA Josh Green)

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