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Re: [fluid-dev] Making MIDI player read from a buffer

From: Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Making MIDI player read from a buffer
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 22:48:39 +0200
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On Tuesday 19 October 2010, Matt Giuca wrote:
>  ...as long as it doesn't break anything else, which is the hard part.
> I think he meant nobody has the right to stop you implementing it in your  
> own private branch. It's convincing others to accept them that's the hard
> part :) Which I've learned from other open source projects. 

If a code branch is not accepted by the original project, but the developer 
thinks it is worth enough, the usual outcome in free software projects is to 
create a fork [1]. Sometimes, the forked code and the original trunk coexist 
for some time until one or both die, or get finally merged again. It happened 
in GCC, with the 'egcs' fork, and also in the projects Compiz, Beryl and 
Compiz Fusion.

This is the jungle, brother.



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