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[fluid-dev] About the trac tickets

From: David Henningsson
Subject: [fluid-dev] About the trac tickets
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 08:23:02 +0200
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So about the trac tickets, and whether things get picked up or ignored when put there:

First: Up to a week ago, all tickets were assigned to jgreen by default, and he is currently not active in this project, at least not much. So one problem was that nobody got a notification when a new ticket was added, and nobody knew it was there.

So a week ago I boldly changed the default owner to myself instead, which is better than the previous handling, but certainly not optimal, because it would be even better if more people than myself got that notification. Perhaps we can create some kind of "virtual" sf.net user, that owns all new tickets, and has the fluid-dev list registered as his "home email" so that all ticket notifications get posted to the dev list? Opinions are welcome.

Second: whether the ticket will actually be acted upon. I'd say that it depends on what's actually in the ticket. If it is a simple bug-fix patch and no controversies, it is going to be picked up by Pedro or myself, sooner or later, but at least before the next release.
Example: ticket #92.

If it is something a little heavier, such as a bug which might take some time to track down, please be patient. But do feel free to drop a reminder on the list, especially if it goes a month before anything happens. Help is always welcome, of course. Example: ticket #91.

If it is a new feature that is not very trivial to implement, posting to this list first for discussion is appreciated. Assuming approval from the list, it then depends whether I, Pedro, or someone else feels like implementing it - the list of things to choose from is long, and as always, given more volunteers, more things could be done. Example: the current MIDI file stuff that Matt is currently doing.

Comments, suggestions etc are welcome.

Btw, in this context it would also be good to mention that I'm likely having a few busy weeks ahead of me, which means less time for FluidSynth during those weeks. Just to let you know.

// David

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