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Re: [fluid-dev] Making 64bit Fluidsynth

From: Sven Meier
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Making 64bit Fluidsynth
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2010 00:05:35 +0200
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I've tried to improve the wiki page 'BuildingWithCMake', so building with MinGW should now be easier to follow.



Am 27.10.2010 19:50, schrieb Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas:
On Wednesday 27 October 2010, Dan Dietzer wrote:
Can someone give me an idea of what I am missing trying to buld
Fluidsynth for windows? I am using Cmake to generate the config files.
I start MSYS and go into the Fluidsynth/build directory. When I enter
'make' nothing happens -- I am just returned to the prompt. Even 'make
help' does not show the available modules.

You don't need MSYS to build FluidSynth using CMake in Windows. MSYS was
needed only to run "configure" and other auto-tools programs and scripts. I
don't use it, so I can't provide any advice other than removing it to save
disk space and headaches.

MinGW provides the compilers, utils, and a gnumake port: a program named
"mingw32-make.exe" that behaves a bit different than the make command provided
by MSYS. You need to instruct CMake to generate the correct Makefiles, either
with the command line interface using the parameter "-G" (generator), or in a
much simpler way running the GUI interface (cmake-gui). The first time you
press the "configure" button, or after removing the cache, it asks for the
output type.

Don't forget to read the FluidSynth Wiki:


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