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[fluid-dev] Audio-driver and JACK autodetection of values

From: Nils
Subject: [fluid-dev] Audio-driver and JACK autodetection of values
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2010 02:21:34 +0100

Hello Fluid-Devs,

greetings from Denemo once again and thank you for this wonderful piece of 
software. We just implemented support for different temperaments in Denemo with 
fluidsynth and its a great thing to have. Each notation-staff can have its own 
tuning or you set a global tuning.

I think the topic might be brought up several times, but I want to ask what the 
state is:

1) If a sound-driver A is running and you try to use B with Fluidsynth it will 
not work (except your system catches that case and routes the audio through a 
daemon like pulseaudio, but lets talk about the plain situation like we find it 
in a pro-audio studio).
I saw some programs (for example the console audio player moc / mocp) that can 
autodetect the current driver. This is a thing I would like to see in 
Fluidsynth. You can give a list of priorities and Fluidsynth tries them and 
automagically takes the first one that works. Usually this would be Jack first, 
then the native, direct-to-hardware drivers like ALSA.

2) Fluidsynth should not allow samplerate or other audio / latency values 
together with JACK. I personally consider this a bug: Fluid should "just" get 
the current JACK values and use them, otherwise it will conflict with the JACK 
infrastructure all the time.

Thanks again for your great software and keep up the word!


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