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Re: [fluid-dev] Re: cmake variables cannot be turned on/off

From: Ebrahim Mayat
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Re: cmake variables cannot be turned on/off
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 07:16:22 -0500

On Nov 10, 2010, at 9:08 PM, David Henningsson wrote:

May I kindly ask you to bring the issue of CMake's packaging issues in Fink, to the fink list instead of the fluidsynth list? It seems more likely to reach the right people.

IMHO, CMake has done some things better than autotools [1], and for me as FluidSynth developer, the switch of build system has been a step in the right direction. I do recognise that this has meant additional work for distributions/ packagers, who already had a working infrastructure and had to change to adapt. So I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all people - which obviously includes both of you - who have struggled, sometimes in frustration, to make the new build system work in various environments. Thank you! Your efforts are highly appreciated.

// David

[1] This includes e g out-of-source builds, src/fluidsynth is the binary instead of a strange script (which makes runs under gdb easier), and percentage meter when building.

Hello David

Yes, in addition to the point [1] you made above, cmake builds are also quicker than the corresponding autotools ones. Cmake is also great as a cross-platform makefile generator. That said, if there are issues with it, it is only normal that I report any problems and bugs. In the past, I have brought to the attention of numerous FluidSynth developers (Peter, Josh and yourself) problems and bugs that I have come across in FluidSynth. None of you three have taken my reports and criticisms personally and to your credit have addressed my concerns for the eventual delivery of a good quality product. Thank you for that and let us carry on in the same spirit.

I have previously worked successfully with cmake on another open- source project. As a matter of fact, three and a half years ago, Pedro (Lopez-Cabanillas) himself contacted me in a private capacity (i.e. he wrote to me off-list) asking for details as to how I made the compilation of rosegarden work on OS X using cmake and I was glad to share my information with him.


The perception that "fink is hostile to cmake" is, to say the least, simply not true. In fact, barely two months ago to name just one example, there was a significant contribution from fink:


The expression of frustration as to making cmake work is in no way personal. Cmake is a build system not a person. It is important that (dare I say) Pedro takes some distance from his work, not take any criticisms personally and address issues reported by myself (including the cmake ones) that are reported with regards to FluidSynth.

The other important thing to note here is that despite nagging problems, Daniel and I have made cmake work for version 1.1.3 on Snow Leopard and I would appreciate it if Pedro recognizes this and all the other contributions made to the FluidSynth project by various members (myself included) of fink.

Coming back to the origin of this thread, the issue at present is that neither of the command-line invocations shown below work:


$ cmake ..  -Denable_portaudio=ON -Denable_framework=OFF

I have devised a fix for this by patching the CMakeList.txt file in the top-level directory. This patch can be applied on an ad hoc need- to-do basis or it can be applied directly to svn. Either way, it works for me.

Best wishes,

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