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Re: [fluid-dev] No sound on W7 and XP with LoopBe again

From: Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] No sound on W7 and XP with LoopBe again
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2010 12:36:34 +0100
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On Saturday 27 November 2010, yanli lei wrote:
> Even when I remove MIDI Yoke, it does not solve.
> Actually, how do I define the "midi.winmidi.device      default" to 
> "midi.winmidi.device      LoopBe Internal MIDI"?
>  Tried to type "LoopBe Internal MIDI", the console could only display as 
> "LoopBe".
> I wish I could sent MIDI event to MIDI Yoke but under 64bits was not appear 
> to be supported, my Java application do not display that devices except 
> LoopBe.
> What do you advice?

I am not sure about your use case scenario. If you are using libfluidsynth.dll 
with your own program, then you need to create a fluid_settings_t object, and 
assign a value to "midi.winmidi.device" before creating the MIDI driver and the 
synthesizer. Look for documentation and examples here: 

If you are using the command line interface client (fluidsynth.exe) then you 
need to assing the setting value in the command line as an argument, not in the 
program shell, because this setting needs to be known before creating the MIDI 
driver and synthesizer. Take care about the number of white spaces. Example:
C:\> fluidsynth.exe -m winmidi -o midi.winmidi.device="In From MIDI Yoke:  2"

But if you don't care about programming, or using the windows command shell, 
then you may want to try Qsynth. This program has a combo box showing a list of 
the MIDI devices detected in the system, and the user can simply choose one of 


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