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[fluid-dev] FluidSynth overbuffer MIDI data will get loud blast of sound

From: yanli lei
Subject: [fluid-dev] FluidSynth overbuffer MIDI data will get loud blast of sounds
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 22:26:57 +0800

I have this issue on MIDI Yoke and LoopBe that when will blast my ears with overbuffer of MIDI data when I start playing this file
Joe Hisaishi - Friends.mid

To reproduce:
0) Get any MIDI player that can sent data to FluidSynth either by LoopBe or MIDI Yoke as output port. Load and play any fast MIDI song.
1) While FluidSynth run in its own console is able to produce sound, press Ctl+C or close the console this is in case if the user accidentally terminate the FluidSynth process.
2) Launch FluidSynth again with winmidi to either LoopBe or MIDI Yoke driver and gain as 1.
3) You may get sudden loud blast of sounds, is that called overbuffer MIDI data?
4) Check you heatbeat and ears.

This defect appear on MAudio and Realtek HD. OS: XP and 7.

Not sure if FluidSynth could clear the abandon MIDI data during SF startup?
Tested on 1.1.1 and 1.1.3.

I did workaround by mute the first 1/2 second but not all MIDI songs can be fix some blast would appear the first key is play. I hope there is a better solution.
Now my heart is still in panic mode.

Meanwhile, the previous issue on Chanel 10 will be test over the weekend.

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