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[fluid-dev] Windows Fluidsynth with PortAudio driver - Fails to create m

From: Graham Goode
Subject: [fluid-dev] Windows Fluidsynth with PortAudio driver - Fails to create multiple instances of the PortAudio driver
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 15:28:50 +0200

Hi Guys,

I have finally been able to compile the SVN of fluidsynth with the
recent SVN of the PortAudio WDMKS branch (with WDMKS and ASIO) [go
cmake!!]. This is a great achievement for me as I have not been able
to complete this without getting errors before...

Now this is my problem:

I use the Jack Audio Connection Kit as my ASIO source (which in other
ASIO programs allows me to have multiple instances of ASIO all
connecting to JACK). With Fluidsynth using the PortAudio ASIO
interface I can only get one instance of fluidsynth to use the
portaudio driver. If I attempt to load the PortAudio driver in a
second instance in Qsynth then I get the "Failed to create audio
driver (portaudio)..." error.

As there are situations where people have multiple ASIO devices
(hardware or software), is there a way to overcome this situation? If
so, is it a fluidsynth issue or a portaudio issue? From what little I
know I would assume this was a fluidsynth driver loading issue...

Kind regards,

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