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[fluid-dev] Patch for handling midi note events

From: Jonathan Slenders
Subject: [fluid-dev] Patch for handling midi note events
Date: Thu, 5 May 2011 16:16:13 +0200

Hi Jason and fluidsynth,

Thanks for posting your patch on fluidsynth yesterday. I havn't tried it yet, but I will this evening and the timing couln't have been more perfect!


I am working on a little project for a circus school where I built 15 jugglling balls with wireless sensors and light. We are already able to couple sound events on every single ball, thanks to fluidsynth. We (two friends and me) can play the Tetris tune by throwing balls, where each ball represent a note and is played as long as it's in the air.

Now, the challenge they give me was to make some audio visual effects with Fur Elise from Beethoven. So, I have a midi file and want to adjust the speed continously to match the juggler's speed. Further, I want to add some visual feedback by changing the ball colours on every played note. So, I hope your patch will help me setting the callbacks to the wireless commands for changing these colours.

And as I understand, I probably need fluid_player_set_midi_tempo.

All ideas, feedback, tips, help ... is welcome
fluidsynth is amazing.


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