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Re: [fluid-dev] Fun dbus crash

From: David Henningsson
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Fun dbus crash
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2012 05:41:46 +0100
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On 02/28/2012 11:47 AM, Corbin Simpson wrote:
Hey all,

I know I've been super-silent on the FS front, but I got the bug in me
today, so I revived my Python FS bindings.

While hacking, I discovered this delightful crash:

$ python test.py
fluidsynth: warning: Failed to pin the sample data to RAM; swapping is possible.
*** glibc detected *** python: invalid fastbin entry (free): 0xb0200708 ***
======= Backtrace: =========

fluid_rtkit_make_realtime() calls some dbus stuff, which appears to
trigger a bad free() in libdbus. Anybody else seen this before? Am I
doing something stupid or is this dbus's fault?

In the meantime, is there an easy way to hack around this in settings,
or do I need to rebuild FS without dbus support?

For reference, I have now filed this bug:


I even wrote a test case program for them, hopefully that will help...

// David

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