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[fluid-dev] Compiling on Windows - how to use --fast-render?

From: Dr.Leo
Subject: [fluid-dev] Compiling on Windows - how to use --fast-render?
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 14:24:14 +0100
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I am new to Fluid and largely unfamiliar with C compilers. It is great software, congratulations!

Here are the pitfalls I ran into before successfully compiling following the build instructions on fluidsynth.org

1. MSVC9

I did not manage to build it. It does not even build libfluidsynth.lib. Is there something wrong with the SLN file? Well, cmake produced an error at some point that did not look serious but may have disrupted the build process. If anyone is interested I'll send the log files etc. Strangely enough, MSVC9 did not complain about a missing dsound.h etc.

2. MinGW

I was surprised to see that there is now a very convenient installer. And after adding c:\mingw to the system path, it worked.

First I tried to build with dsound.h from the latest wine tarball as mentioned in the build instructions. Fatal error. Then I used dsound.h from googlecode, probably from an svn repos os some DirectX related stuff from MS. But I did not want to install a DirectX SDK as I had read about critical errors affecting system stability. So that dsound.h version works.

In addition - and this is not mentioned in the docs - I had to copy sal.h into the include dir under MinGW. Luckily I found it under MSVC9. Without it I would have given up.

I think it would be very useful to host a zip archive with the binaries on sf. If you haven't got a Win32 build environment I'd happily send you my .exe and .dll plus a readme file.

Also, the docs would benefit from some ore info on how to build with readline support and other optional libraries.

3. fast-render

I don't understand the syntax. I tried from the cmd line:

fluidsynth r3.sf2 -f=output.raw input.mid

and it just plays the midi file without writing anything. Any hint would be much appreciated.


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