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[fluid-dev] Reading input from a MIDI device

From: Vesa Paatero
Subject: [fluid-dev] Reading input from a MIDI device
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2013 02:12:16 +0200
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I'm just getting started with FluidSynth and my problem is that I cannot
get input from a MIDI keyboard... and I can't find any pertinent switches
or help although the man page clearly says that FluidSynth can read
input from MIDI devices.

On this Linux system, the MIDI keyboard is in /dev/dmmidi2 and when
I try "cat /dev/dmmidi2" I get characters on screen when pressing the

In FluidSynth, I can produce audible sounds using the "noteon" command,
so the connection between FluidSynth and the speakers seems OK.

Here is a command line whereby the system works with "noteon":

fluidsynth -v -a alsa -o synth.gain=3.0 -o synth.verbose=yes /usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2

The following list is the output of the settings command in FluidSynth shell:

audio.alsa.device                 default
audio.driver                      alsa
audio.file.endian                 auto
audio.file.format                 s16
audio.file.name                   fluidsynth.wav
audio.file.type                   auto
audio.input-channels              0
audio.jack.autoconnect            False
audio.jack.id                     fluidsynth
audio.jack.multi                  False
audio.oss.device                  /dev/dsp
audio.output-channels             2
audio.period-size                 64
audio.periods                     16
audio.pulseaudio.adjust-latency   True
audio.pulseaudio.device           default
audio.pulseaudio.media-role       music
audio.pulseaudio.server           default
audio.realtime-prio               60
audio.sample-format               16bits
midi.alsa.device                  default
midi.alsa_seq.device              default
midi.alsa_seq.id                  pid
midi.driver                       alsa_seq
midi.jack.id                      fluidsynth-midi
midi.oss.device                   /dev/midi
midi.realtime-prio                50
player.reset-synth                True
player.timing-source              sample
shell.port                        9800
shell.prompt                      >
synth.audio-channels              1
synth.audio-groups                1
synth.chorus.active               True
synth.cpu-cores                   1
synth.device-id                   0
synth.dump                        False
synth.effects-channels            2
synth.gain                        3.000
synth.ladspa.active               False
synth.midi-bank-select            gs
synth.midi-channels               16
synth.min-note-length             10
synth.overflow.age                1000.000
synth.overflow.percussion         4000.000
synth.overflow.released           -2000.000
synth.overflow.sustained          -1000.000
synth.overflow.volume             500.000
synth.parallel-render             True
synth.polyphony                   256
synth.reverb.active               True
synth.sample-rate                 44100.000
synth.threadsafe-api              True
synth.verbose                     True

Thanks for any helpful ideas!


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