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Re: [fluid-dev] libinstpatch integration?

From: Element Green
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] libinstpatch integration?
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2014 11:08:51 -0600

On Sat, Jun 7, 2014 at 9:39 AM, Aere Greenway <address@hidden> wrote:

This is pure speculation, but I think there is software out there that does this (or something similar).

I'm thinking that AU Lab on Mac OS X is an example (it uses soundfonts).

When using that, if I switch instruments while holding out a chord & notes (in performing), the sound briefly cuts-out during the instrument change, then resumes.

I experience a similar problem when switching instruments using ZynAddSubFX, on Linux.

The way to avoid this, is before I start to perform such a piece, I change to each of the instruments I will be using (but don't actually play any notes at this time).

Then, when I switch instruments during the performance, the change is seamless.  The change isn't totally seamless with ZynAddSubFX, but it's at least barely noticeable.


The MIDI standard has some concept of allowing equipment time to change instruments after a program change event.  This means that MIDI files should take this into account as well, at least with events found in the middle of a file.  I could see a MIDI player pre-loading instruments based on the program change events it finds at the beginning of a song, prior to playing it, therefore not requiring a delay before not events.  For that matter a MIDI file could be scanned and all of the used instruments cached at the beginning or cached prior to when they are needed.  This of course isn't possible in a live setting when a program change is received, leading to the brief pauses you mentioned.

Best regards,


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