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[fluid-dev] What Aere has been working on

From: Aere Greenway
Subject: [fluid-dev] What Aere has been working on
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2014 21:49:39 -0600
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FluidSynth Developers:

I've been working for a long time on a project which makes use of FluidSynth (Qsynth) on Linux.

If you are interested in my project, there is a link below you can click-on, and view (and hear) the demos and material there.

In a nut-shell, it's a software application that converts your computer (with only a typing-keyboard) into an amazing musical instrument, and is much easier to learn to play than other musical instruments.

The fingerings are the same in every key-signature (both chords and melody), and you can finger the next chord while the current chord is playing. You can change instruments and/or key-signatures (even while holding out notes and a chord) with a single key-stroke.

We are so confident that people can learn to play chords+melody music with this instrument in 30 days, that we offer a money-back guarantee. We also provide tutorials and supplementary materials for learning to play music in 3 different ways.

It runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, and provides detailed instructions on using the music software available on each OS.

Any FluidSynth developer/tester, may receive a free copy of the application, if they want it. If you want a free copy, let me know.

Here is the link to start the process:


If you don't want to opt-in to receive e-mails from KeyMusician.com, you can go directly to:


I hope you like it. I think this is a really amazing musical instrument. See what you think.

P.S. - Regarding patents, that's what I had to do to protect myself from cut-throat corporations. If anyone in the open-source community wants to build on my work, please ask.


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