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[fluid-dev] Channel Limitations

From: Peter Hanlon
Subject: [fluid-dev] Channel Limitations
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 15:44:23 +1000

Thanks David for your advice on my worry about extending the midi-channel 
limit. I am a fair way into the OSX coding, and I should learn a lot more about 
fluid synth in the process.

I also note your suggestion that jOrgan is worth a look. I totally agree. They 
have a pretty active group in Queensland Australia, and have obviously tread 
the paths I am just starting on.  The main obstacles are the installation and 
setup, and also at first reading it appears to be restrictive in terms of its 
input, expecting midi streams, and distinguishing those by the port that they 
arrived on. The serial port format that I am delivering to OSX knows nothing of 
midi, and provides just the switch settings and a bus indicator.

Thanks again,


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