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Re: [fluid-dev] Supported Wave/Flac format other than SF2

From: S. Christian Collins
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Supported Wave/Flac format other than SF2
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2015 20:27:19 -0600
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Why not just use LinuxSampler if you want to use SFZ?


On 02/05/2015 05:19 PM, Garth Hjelte wrote:
> At 01:21 PM 2/5/2015, you wrote:
>> Sure, we could "just transfer it in", but then again, the results would 
>> be slightly wrong. Just as an example, sfz seems to have a three band EQ 
>> built into every voice [1], which SF2 voices do not. This is stuff we 
>> would have to add into the playback engine.
>> If we should bring SFZ into the engine, then my wish would be that the 
>> goal should be to play it as perfect as SF2 files are played today. 
> I understand what you mean, but I don't agree. You don't have to import every 
> opcode, and people understand that. There are several base-level sample 
> players that import SFZ in a limited way - just the basics.
> EQ's are pretty esoteric and if FS doesn't regard it, so be it. In fact, the 
> only reason EQ's would exist in a SFZ file is if it were converted from 
> something else, usually a Kontakt file. There is no sampler that truly uses 
> SFZ as a native format so programming EQ's can't be done in SFZ in realtime. 
> One would do it in Kontakt and then convert it using Translator into SFZ.
> Further, SFZ has perhaps a hundred of opcodes that SoundFont/FS doesn't 
> support, but my point is that just the ability to quickly form your own 
> instrument - I mean, Notepad and 10 seconds later - and have it running in FS 
> is the advantage.
> But I understand you guys' authority over what happens, I support that. But 
> my input would be I'd suggest simply using SFZ import just in part. I don't 
> think there's a reason for an all-or-nothing approach, even SFZ wasn't 
> designed that way. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
> Thanks for asking for input.  
> Garth Hjelte
> Sampler User
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