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[fluid-dev] Re: Re : Re: Re : Re: Re : no effects applied using multiple

From: Tom M.
Subject: [fluid-dev] Re: Re : Re: Re : Re: Re : no effects applied using multiple stereo channels
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2015 19:23:47 +0200

2015-04-11 16:43 GMT+02:00 CERESA Jean-Jacques ENAC/ENAC
> No matter you think that your find fix the issue since the start of this
> discussion

Sry, misunderstanding. This fix I was describing only fixes the
opposite behavior of the audio.jack.multi option. It doesn't fix the
issue of this discussion.

> To verify it would be interesting to try the option "- o audio.jack.multi
> =Yes or No" at running time without any modification of code ?.

audio.jack.multi defaults to false. Starting fluidsynth with multiple
outputs and WITHOUT explicitly setting audio.jack.multi to "yes"
shouldn't work according to its documentation. However, it does work,
and fluidsynth creates as many outputs as requested. But doing the
same thing again this time setting audio.jack.multi to yes will always
only create two channels: "left" and "right" (due to the wrong boolean
decision described previously)

If necessary, I'll create a ticket for this minor issue.

> Do you hear that the Voice MIDI Channel mapping to multiple audio ouput
> number works according the previous explanations ?
> Do you hear Reverb on output 0 only ?

To summarize the main issue:

case 1: audio.jack.multi=yes using N outputs, while N>1
Two (mono-)channels are created. Only voices mapped to output 0
(according to Midi_Channel_number MOD N) are hearable. Reverb of those
voices is also hearable. Additionally you hear soft reverb from some
other midi channels (hard to say from which ones).

case 2: audio.jack.multi=no using N outputs, while N>1
N stereo outputs are created. Voices are mapped to their belonging
output (Midi_Channel_number MOD N = output). NO reverb hearable at

case 3: audio.jack.multi=yes using 1 output
Two (mono-)channels are created. All Voices mapped to that single
output. Reverb works like a charm.

case 4: audio.jack.multi=no using 1 output
Same as case 3.

Note that I was talking about the unmodified code, i.e. with the
inverse audio.jack.multi option.

Regarding the main issue of this discussion, I would create a bug
ticket. Do you agree?


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