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[fluid-dev] Help about EWI behavior

From: CERESA Jean-Jacques ENAC/ENAC
Subject: [fluid-dev] Help about EWI behavior
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2015 18:54:54 +0200

In the aim for adding monophonic support to Fluidsynth, i am interested by
EWI behavior. I am not an EWI player nor an accoustic monophonic instrument player.
I am only familiar with somes polyphonic instruments.
I wonder how an EWI reacts when a player is playing in staccato or legato manner.
In others words, what could be the stream of MIDI messages produced by an EWI
when playing in all possible combinations of articulations ?
Thoses MIDI informations seems to be useful to be compared with MIDI messages
produced by a MIDI keyboard controler when playing it in the same manner (staccato,legato,..)
than playing EWI.
Any knowledge are welcome.
Thanks to monophic instruments players for your interest.
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