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Re: [fluid-dev] Continuous controllers

From: Ben Gonzales
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Continuous controllers
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2016 09:47:51 +1000
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Hi Greg.

On 25/06/16 08:46, FenderBenders wrote:
Ben, I wonder what happens if you cancel out velocity with negative or zero in 
modulators and assign breath #2 to velocity and volume. The dynamic in harmonic 
content is dependent on velocity on many sound modules but having midi 
monitored the output of the ewi I noticed the note on message long after a 
series of volume increases.

From my analysis, when the EWI is configured with CC2 and zero velocity, what it sends out (for playing a single note) is:

1. A string of CC2s (up to 8 until the pressure is stabilised), then
2. A note-on command with the velocity equal to the current CC2 value, then
3. More CC2s as the note is modulated until the player stops blowing and CC2 goes to zero, then 4. A note-on command with the velocity equal to zero (equivalent to note-off)

So, the EWI produces only one note-on command per note. If your sound module is producing additional harmonic content at high velocities, you must be starting the note at high volume, otherwise it wouldn't be getting the high velocity message.

If I read you correctly, you are suggesting adding in more note-on commands at varying velocities as the CC2 values change? I'm not sure what that would do - maybe add more voices? Also, you'd get repeating attacks, which might not sound good. I'll try programming that in and see what happens.

I also think the note off message might be unnecessary if the velocity 
interacts correctly. Of course this is only speculation.

The additional note-off function in my EWI-PI package is a separate issue. It is there to combat "stuck notes" only.


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Ben Gonzales <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi all.

I implemented the CC2 modulator in a sax soundfont, and loaded it into
my RPi2 fluidsynth. I set the EWI to CC2 and the velocity setting to
ZERO. This makes the EWI produce "dynamic velocity". What I found was
that I could start a note at low breath pressure, and resulting low
volume, and swell it, but only a bit. If I started a note at higher
breath pressure I could swell it more. So, it seems that you can't swell
to full volume unless you start with a decently loud note in the first

In practical terms, you (well, I) rarely need to swell to full volume
>from nothing, but I just thought I better mention it. Maybe I'm doing
something wrong. I did test setting a fixed velocity (mid range), and it
seemed to work OK.


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