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Re: [fluid-dev] Adding Poly/mono functionality to FluidSynth

From: jean-jacques.ceresa
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Adding Poly/mono functionality to FluidSynth
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2016 14:53:12 +0200
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Hi, Ben
1)After a quick search on the Web, the command to apply a patch is simply 'patch'. You need to apply this command on each original source file concerned (the list is given in the pdf).

2)For the 2 news file (fluid_synth_mono.c, fluid_synth_polymono.c) , i assume that it sufficient to put them in the source directory fluid_synth-1.1.6/src/synth to get them compiled but i am not sure as it depends on the
make command.

3) may be after doing step 1 and 2, it will be necessary to do a cmake. I don't know the real dependency.

4) if step is done without errors, the last steps is a make to build the library only (Only the library is concerned). When steps 4 is finished, verify that the library has been build without errors, if it is the case your are ready
to do somes try with the console application.

>help polymono

This the list of new shell commands for poly/mono functionality explained in the pdf.


Le 28/06/2016 05:22, Ben Gonzales a écrit :
Could someone provide instructions re how to load the patch please? I've compiled before, but not installed patches. I'd like to try this with my EWI and RPi2 running Jessie.


On 25/06/16 19:31, Ben Gonzales wrote:
Hi Jean-Jacques.

I haven't participated in this sort of development before, so I don't know the protocols. I re-read a lot of the PDF and I think there are some errors/typos. How are they normally handled? Feedback on the forum? Private e-mail?

One item immediately: In section 3.1.3, "Playing Legato", you mention that the EWI detects legato playing and sends a "CC Legato On" message. In my work with the EWI I had not seen these messages, so I tested for them today, and my EWI-USB does not send them. It may be that only the more sophisticated models send those CC messages, or my instrument has not been configured to do so - I don't know. Can you comment please?


On 24/06/16 23:04, CERESA Jean-Jacques ENAC/ENAC wrote:
Hi Ben

>I've read the pdf doc and understand a lot of it, but I don't understand the need for the "base" channels. 1)"Basic channels" is a MIDI specification.In short this allows to split the whole set of synthesizer channels in distinct MIDI channels groups. Each group is composed of continus MIDI channels starting from the first called "Basic Channel". Each group can be set in different mode via MIDI CCs (Polyphonic,Mono, OmniOn,OmniOff) that have to be send to the Basic Channel.

>Does it mean you need less cpu to run Fluidsynth?.No, assuming no reverb, no chorus, cpu usage is hightly related to the number of a voice a simple note need. For example on RPi2 Fluidsynth (using the 4 cores) can plays 180 voices maximum.(note that a "voice" in FluidSynth spelling is what is called an "Instrument Zone" in SF2.1)

Assuming the patch applied, by default a FluidSynth instance have a default Basic Channel number 0, Poly, Omni On. That mean that this instance is ready to play on 16 MIDI channels (the default channel settings), in Polyphonic.

2) So in this state the FluidSynth instance plays polyphonically on each channels. If a CC legato On is send to a channel, this one switchs from polyphonic to monophonic and behave monophonically. This is a MIDI behavior specifications. This is a real-time Poly/mono control of a MIDI channels.

On a MIDI channel in the monophonic state, the "legato playing" manner works , but with serious limitations (discuted in the pdf).

3)>How do I test this patch? Download the latest git and re-compile? Add the patch somehow? You cannot download the latest git until the patch will be accepted and committed . You need to apply this patch by your own on your actual source version (1.1.6). The manner depends on the platform you works. I am not an expert in patch, i don't know how to do but, i wish that it isn't complicated to do. I hope this post will be read by a developer who practice the procedure and can describe it. Note that apart the patch file that adds functionality to existing file (fluid_synth.c, ...), there are 2 new files (fluid_synth_polymono.c, fluid_synth_mono.c) that must be added to the make steps.
May be Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas can help on this matter ?

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