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Re: [fluid-dev] Adding Poly/mono functionality to FluidSynth

From: Ben Gonzales
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Adding Poly/mono functionality to FluidSynth
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2016 10:57:46 +1000
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I have now successfully re-compiled FluidSynth with the patches. It works, but there is a problem. First, I will note the process needed to re-compile:

I put the patch file in the src directory
I ran:
patch < fluid_polymono-0001.patch
This prompted me for each file to patch, and I typed in the path to each file This didn't work for synth.h for some reason, so I copied synth.h (it is in include/fluidsynth/) to src/ , patched it there, then copied it back to include/fluidsynth/
Edit the file src/CmakeLists.txt:
In the section starting:
    set ( libfluidsynth_SOURCES

add the following lines:

I created the src/build directory
cd build
cmake ..
make VERBOSE=1
sudo Make install


Running the new FluidSynth:

a) I put the following lines in my fluidsynth config file:

cc 0 125 0  (Omni on)
cc 0 126 0  (Mono on)
Result: the CPU% climbed steadily as I played notes until it overloaded. If I played the same note over and over, it did not do this. If I stopped playing, the CPU% remained at the current (high) value. As soon as I started playing notes it climbed again. It happens much faster with a voice that has a large soundfont.

b) I changed my  config file to include

cc 0 125 0  (Omni on)
cc 0 127 0  (Poly on)
Result: no overloading

c) I left the config file as b) and added:
cc 13 68 127 (turn legato on for channel 13)
and played channel 13
Result: the CPU% climbed again as in a)

d) as per c) and I added:
setlegatomode 13 3
and played channel 13
I could hear the difference in legato effects. They were small, but they were there.


On 01/07/16 22:22, jean-jacques.ceresa wrote:

Theses 2 new files have be forgotten: fluid_synth_mono.c, fluid_synth_polymono.c.
Theses are parts of the complete poylymono-patch.

For the 2 news file (fluid_synth_mono.c, fluid_synth_polymono.c) , i assume that it sufficient to put them in the initial source directory fluid_synth-1.1.6/src/synth to get them compiled but i am not sure as it depends on themake command.

Because you put theses new files in the initial source directory, you need to re-execute commands "cmake" and "make".

Note: Thanks for sending the complete steps you have already done with the "patch command".


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