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Re: [fluid-dev] Adding Poly/mono functionality to FluidSynth

From: Ben Gonzales
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Adding Poly/mono functionality to FluidSynth
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2016 22:02:04 +1000
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I downloaded the git snapshot, used the patch from Mr(?) Horn (thankyou), and re-complied.

I'm still experiencing the CPU runaway. It happens a) if I put the channel I'm using into MONO or b) if I use cc ch 68 127  (legato on). It doesn't matter which setlegatomode I am using for the channel. Note that it happens on 5 out of 6 of the voices I am using. I can't see any significant config differences between the voices when using Swami. One voice works fine.

The legato is working, and I have noticed that if I do a long descending glissando to the lower register on the clarinet, the voice that I end up with on the low note is the voice I started with - I don't get the low reedy sound until I stop and play the note again. Jean-Jacques said this was a limitation.

For info, I'm running a RPi2 with Raspbian Jessie, all latest updates installed. I'm trying to get legato working on channels 10-15 inclusive, and I'm not using the other channels. 


On 02/07/16 20:12, R.L. Horn wrote:
On Sat, 2 Jul 2016, Ben Gonzales wrote:

patch < fluid_polymono-0001.patch
This prompted me for each file to patch, and I typed in the path to each file

I don't know how Jean-Jacques generated his patch, but the diff should be against a complete source tree so this isn't necessary.  I've combined everything, including the new files, into a single patch (against a git snapshot from a couple of hours ago...the original patch fails against the 1.1.6 distribution) which should be attached.

Just execute patch -p1 < fluidsynth-polymono.patch (or zcat fluidsynth-polymono.patch.gz | patch -p1) from the top of the source tree and you should be ready to run cmake and build.

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