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[fluid-dev] Recent discussions on sysex commands and the MIDI Tuning Sta

From: David Bellows
Subject: [fluid-dev] Recent discussions on sysex commands and the MIDI Tuning Standard
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2016 06:57:48 -0700

First off, I really do not understand MIDI to a surprisingly alarming
degree, so forgive me if none of this really connects.

I'm working on some software that generates music using any tuning
imaginable. The software generates a MIDI file that uses the MIDI
Tuning Standard to basically (when seen from a high level description)
send specific audio frequencies with each note (that's not really
what's happening but that's kind of what it looks like) using various
sysex commands.

Right now I'm using Timidity to play those MIDI files and convert them
to various audio files. I've been told that switching to FluidSynth
will make things easier/better but for now I can't do this because FS
doesn't seem able to playback those MIDI files my software generates
using the MTS.

Is there any plan to support the MTS in FluidSynth or is it something
that is forever tied directly to a specific "manufacturer" and
Timidity just took it upon itself to create meanings for these
specific sysex commands?

Thanks everyone!

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