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[fluid-dev] Manipulating the 16,384 values of pitch bend

From: David Bellows
Subject: [fluid-dev] Manipulating the 16,384 values of pitch bend
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2016 11:09:47 -0700

I'm working on a project that generates music using any tuning the
user selects. I had been using Timidity because it supports the MIDI
Tuning Standard. However, I just discovered that it supports it badly.

So now I've switched to using pitch bend with Fluidsynth. The fact
that it allows for 256 channels instead of the MIDI standard 16 pretty
much solves most  of my problems that I was having with Timidity.

Here's where things get interesting.

When using Timidity and the MIDI Tuning Standard I was able to get
16,384 pitches between each semitone. When using pitch bend, though,
that same number of values, 16,384 pitches is stretched between two
whole tones (four semitones). This is interesting because Timidity is
capable of the higher resolution.

My question is, can Fluidsynth handle this higher resolution and I can
I tell it to use all 16,384 values between two semitones instead of
stretched across the two whole tones? It seems like a bit of magic but
if it can do this then my problems are truly solved.


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