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Re: [fluid-dev] Recent discussions on sysex commands and the MIDI Tuning

From: Marcus Weseloh
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Recent discussions on sysex commands and the MIDI Tuning Standard
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2016 23:20:47 +0200

Hi again,

looking at your new file, I see that you send the tuning program
change RPN messages before each tuning Sysex message. While that
works, I don't think it is necessary. Choosing the tuning program for
the channel once at the beginning of the file should be enough.



2016-08-17 22:52 GMT+02:00 Marcus Weseloh <address@hidden>:
> Hi David,
> 2016-08-17 19:22 GMT+02:00 David Bellows <address@hidden>:
>>> I had another look at the FluidSynth source, though. It seems like voices 
>>> start out with no tuning prog defined. So even when you change tuning prog 
>>> 0 using the Sysex messages, that tuning won't be used. Try adding RPN 
>>> messages to select tuning prog 0 for your channel before sending the 
>>> real-time tuning Sysex messages.
>> I've attached a new file. I *think* I've done what you suggested by
>> sending control codes 100:0, 100:3, 6:0. Unfortunately the results are
>> the same: no quarter-tones with FluidSynth but Timidity plays it fine.
> Using fluidsynth 1.1.6 your updated MIDI file plays fine, at least on
> my Linux system. Which version are you using? Probably best to upgrade
> to the latest version. MTS support has been introduced in 1.1.0, I
> think.
>> By the way, what does the tuning program parameter even mean? The
>> problem I ran into with Timidity is that if I tried to send two sysex
>> commands to the same note at the same time even on different channels,
>> it wasn't able to handle it. Would changing the program for each voice
>> I want fix that problem?
> Yes, as far as I can understand, you can assign different tuning
> programs/banks to any voice. So using multiple channels with different
> tunings should be possible.
> Another solution would be to use non-real-time Sysex tuning change
> messages. That way you can set up your tuning, send noteon, send a
> non-real-time tuning change (which won't affect the currently sounding
> note) and send another noteon. That way you might get two differnet
> tunings for the same MIDI note.
> But do you really change between tuning systems while playing the
> song? If not, then you could set up the tuning before playing the
> song, no need to send real-time tuning changes in the first place.
> Cheers,
>    Marcus

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