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Re: [fluid-dev] SoundFont exclusiveClass

From: Dan Eble
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] SoundFont exclusiveClass
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2016 22:09:56 -0400

On Sep 13, 2016, at 13:45 , Ceresa Jean-Jacques <address@hidden> wrote:

This is not the expected result in substractive synthesis practice. In many case certains frequencies need to be resonant (woods, and horns instrument) but not necessary to to the detriment of others frequencies. I'am pretty sure that Chris could confirm (or not).

This why the specs say:

"The resonance is measured as a dB ratio of the resonant peak to the DC gain. The DC gain at any resonance is half of the resonance value below the DC gain at zero resonance; hence the peak height is half the resonance value above DC gain at zero resonance."

Oh, I see now what I misread the first time.  There is both an amplification of half the resonance near the cutoff frequency and an attenuation of half the resonance below the cutoff frequency.

But if the filter amplifies near the cutoff frequency by 48 dB (96/2) and the amplifier attenuates by about 90 dB as the end of the release phase approaches, shouldn’t the sound be significantly quieter than it was near the beginning of the release phase?  What I’m hearing from Fluidsynth still doesn’t make sense.

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