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[fluid-dev] Programmatic polyphony count detection in FluidSynth

From: Bartosz Nowotny
Subject: [fluid-dev] Programmatic polyphony count detection in FluidSynth
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2017 17:32:47 +0100


I am using FluidSynth on Android. For performance reasons, I am trying to keep the synth.polyphony setting as low as possible while retaining good sounding audio. I have a number songs and soundfonts. I have set up FluidSynth to use 64 simultaneous voices via synth.polyphony and that works for most song and soundfont combinations. Nevertheless, some songs clearly run out of available voices and do not sound right. Is there any way to programmatically detect how many voices a given MIDI song, using a given soundfont, needs? I am trying to strike a balance between performance and good sounding audio. If I pick too little simultaneous voices then I risk some songs not sounding right (or I will have to get rid of them at all), if I pick too many simultaneous voices then I risk sound glitching and playback problems on lower end devices. Knowing how much voices my songs and soundfonts need is the key to getting that balance just right.


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