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Re: [fluid-dev] fluidsynth, Midi Bank Select

From: David Back
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] fluidsynth, Midi Bank Select
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2017 21:08:01 +0000 (UTC)

Thanks Marcus, I will give this a try.

It would be useful to know whether this command has to be given before
or after loading the sound font. Or perhaps it makes no difference.

I agree subtracting seems weird to me as well. But I have never had much
success with midi bank selection, there seem to be problems everywhere
you look. Even using CC's its not easy to write code which works on any


From: Marcus Weseloh <address@hidden>
To: David Back <address@hidden>; FluidSynth mailing list <address@hidden>
Sent: Wednesday, 20 December 2017, 14:38
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] fluidsynth, Midi Bank Select

Hi David,

2017-12-20 15:19 GMT+01:00 David Back <address@hidden>:
> Would fluid_synth_set_bank_offset( );
> be useful. If so what is starting point for offsetting? Would an offset of 1 select bank

If I read the source correctly, then it seems like the bank offset is *subtracted* from the bank number (which seems very weird, in my opinion...)
So in order to shift the bank upwards, you would have to offset by a negative number.



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