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Re: [fluid-dev] Help with latency using bluetooth headphones

From: Paul Cohn
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Help with latency using bluetooth headphones
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2018 03:07:32 -0500

Sorry for the slow response, this is a side project and have limited time to work on it.

Ben - thanks for the response, sounds interesting but you're right, I'll have to find some solution (or not) that would work for a number of users.

Marcus -

So Garageband really has a lower (perceived?) latency than FluidSynth using Bluetooth headphones, even with FluidSynth's buffers set to minimum? If that really is the case, maybe there are audio buffer sizes in the OSX audio framework that you can tweak for low-latency performance?

It definitely sounds like it has less latency even after setting the buffers on FluidSynth - I'd estimate 100ms for fluid, maybe around 30-50 for GarageBand. Even GarageBand's lag would be cutting it close for usability in my app, but might be better than not supporting bluetooth altogether. I'll try to look into the osx specific stuff, but we'll see if it makes sense to do anything considering I'll have to test it out under Windows and Linux as well.


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