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Re: [fluid-dev] Android Support

From: Phil Blandford
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Android Support
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2018 17:14:13 +0100

Hello all,

I've revisited this. I've managed to get a glib build working for Android (even if I had to hack a few things), and made Atsushi Eno's fork build with it. I also created a little app to demonstrate.

If you have a Debian distro (or don't mind changing a few bits to get it to work for you), you can have a try here:

git clone https://address@hidden/phil_blandford/androidfluidsynth.git

There's quite a few issues:

It doesn't work well on Android at the moment - the log is full of errors, and the sound distorts sometimes. 
It uses old-style configure rather than Cmake
The fork is of quite an old version, and uses an OpenSLES driver which, as has been pointed out, might not be very future-proof
The build script is just a script rather than a formal build environment

But I'm hoping that making it easier to build against glib will at least be a start, and help people who know more about this sort of thing to be able to progress it. 

On 18 January 2018 at 04:29, Phil Blandford <address@hidden> wrote:

Ok, further progress, once I sorted out my own dumb JNI bugs.. 

I can load a soundfont, play a MIDI file, but it rarely gets to the end - it stops, and won't start again until I restart the test app. The logcat is full of:

[ 01-17 22:50:13.890  2651: 2717 D/         ]
                                             PlayerBase::stop() from IPlayer

once every millisecond (give or take), regardless of whether a file is playing or not.

I'm slowly getting up to speed on both fluidsynth architecture and the Android audio subsystem, but it may be someone who knows more about either or both could make better progress.

The git log on the fluid_opensles.c file seems to indicate it hasn't been touched in 2 years. But it does seem tantalisingly close, just a few fixes away from being a real boon to Android developers who want to use soundfonts in their apps and have a more flexible MIDI than the native Mediaplayer gives them.

> Hi, this is also my first post to the fluidsynth list, so apologies in advance for any inadvertent breaches of etiquette!

> I've been struggling to build that same fork for a few days, and did manage it in the end. The problems came down to:


> Anyway, I've managed to create a basic JNI wrapper and got it working in an app - sort of. I can load a soundfont, play a note with fluid_synth_note_on/off, but the sound is rather distorted. I can tell it to play a file - the logcat shows something is happening, but no sound is produced. I'm a bit stuck now as I don't know enough about low-level audio to debug.

> I'd really like to hear if anyone has got this up and running.



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