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[fluid-dev] Volume control against a specific midi synth

From: Carl Beech
Subject: [fluid-dev] Volume control against a specific midi synth
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:53:26 +1200


First of all, apologies for my lack of knowledge in this area - hopefully my explanation will be simple enough...

I'm playing in a live band, and need the ability to simply/quickly control sound - e.g. changing a config mid-song.

I've got this working reasonably well, however, I'd like to improve it. My current setup is this:

* Pc is a linux machine (Neon-5)
* Midi keyboard, which appears within QJackCtrl
* Multiple fluidsynth entries appearing within QSynth
* I've written a program in python which allows me to connect / disconnect the keyboard from each of the synths, it also implements transpose
* The program is visible by vnc, so I can use my android tablet effectively as a touch screen.

So with the above setup, I'm able to switch on/off up to nine individual sounds, by connecting /disconnecting the keyboard from the individual syths

I've been suspecting that there's a midi command that should be able to change the volume level of an individual synth (I've currently got each synth's volume set through QSynth, but it's not something I can do in the middle of a song) - so rather than just having on/off, I would like to implement nine sliders to mix the volumes of the individual synths...

Can you let me know if I'm correct, and if so, could you send a couple of examples, so I could work this into my program?

I know there's a master volume, however, it's individual synth volumes I'm looking for...

Hope that helps...



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