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Re: [fluid-dev] MIDI piano + sustain pedal realism

From: Tom M.
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] MIDI piano + sustain pedal realism
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2018 21:44:07 +0200

>> It works exactly as requested by the SF2 spec:
> OK, that's good to know, so it's an SF2 thing (limitation in my opinion).

You could use modulators to manipulate (i.e. increase in your case)
the release time of the volume envelope depending on CC64. Not sure if
it works, never did this myself before. And the shorter the default
release time of the instrument is, the more difficult it will be to
actually time CC64 correctly so that there is enough sound remaining
for being played elongated. You'll need to have a more detailed look
into SF2 modulators and editors in case.

Thanks for the file. Will test it when I have a proper internet
connection again.


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