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[fluid-dev] V2 Chorus/reverb parameter ranges

From: Ben Gonzales
Subject: [fluid-dev] V2 Chorus/reverb parameter ranges
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2018 09:07:04 +1000
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Version 2 has deprecated the old reverb/chorus settings

I couldn't find an updated man page, so I did some fiddling and came up with these ranges.

synth.reverb.room-size range 0, 1
synth.reverb.damp  range 0, 1
synth.reverb.width range 0, 100
synth.reverb.level range 0, 1

synth.chorus.nr    range 0, 99
synth.chorus.speed range 0, 5
synth.chorus.depth range 0, 21
synth.chorus.level range 0, 10

Are these correct? Any tips for the unwary?


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