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Re: [fluid-dev] My latest project - with FS2.0.0 !

From: Ben Gonzales
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] My latest project - with FS2.0.0 !
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2018 21:40:13 +1100
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Thanks Tom.

The soundfont I used was set up for keyboard and I added the CC2 modulators. What the effect felt like (with the filter cutoff modulator in place) was: note 1 starts with low velocity, and gives low volume and little or no increase in volume with increased breath pressure. Note 2 comes in (legato mode) with CC2 already high and therefore velocity is high, so the volume of note 2 is much higher than note 1. What I don't understand is why that cutoff modulator was holding back note 1's volume. As soon as I removed it all was fixed.

I read the spec 8.4.2, but I don't understand what the purpose of the modulator as specified is.

I'd forgotten all about the setbreathmode. I might try that with the original un-CC2'd soundfont.


On 08/10/18 17:37, Tom M. wrote:
One of the default modulators required by the SF2 spec is the "MIDI
Note-On Velocity to Filter Cutoff", cf. section 8.4.2. Implementation
details of this particular modulator are not quite consistent in the
specs. That's why fluidsynth does not implement this modulator. If
however fluidsynth had implemented this modulator (according to 2.01
spec), the modulator listed by your instrument would cancel this
modulator entirely. But as it's not implemented, it's safe to remove

However I cant explain the volume spikes. Perhaps jjc can help out.

Also I just noticed we already have a CC2 modulator implemented in
fluidsynth. You simply need to 'setbreathmode' via the shell to
activate it, cf. section 3.4.5:



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